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Okay, you've taken the Basic Open Water Course and become a certified scuba diver. Now what? Why wait till the next time you find yourself in the tropics to go diving? Is it because you remember your cert dives in Monterey and can't bear the thought of getting in that cold water again? Hudson's has the solution - Drysuit diving. Monterey has some spectacular dive sites that are virtually in your back yard. Only a few hours drive and you can be exploring the wonderful weightless underwater world. Diving doesn't have to be something you only do on that next trip to Florida or Hawaii.

Owning your own gear makes it easy to get out and dive but maybe your not convinced that you can be warm and comfortable diving in Monterey. So we're offering a special deal to help you continue your diving adventure. Sign up for our Advanced Open Water Course and we'll include FREE DRYSUIT TRAINING AND RENTAL during your class. You'll be amazed how easy and fun diving can be in cold water. The advanced certification extends the range of accessible dive locations and prepares you for a whole new realm of diving - NIGHT DIVING.

Once you've tried it you'll see what you've been missing. Or maybe you've been diving in Monterey in a wetsuit and loving it cold and all. Either way, now might be a good time to invest in a drysuit. We're offering a special deal on drysuits - for a limited time if you buy a new drysuit we'll throw in a FREE UNDERGARMENT.*

Purchase any regulator or BCD from Hudson's Family Dive Center and receive FREE service for life!

Now you're warm and can't wait to get out next weekend and try diving in the beautiful Point Lobos Reserve but renting gear is a hassle and you'd rather have you're own equipment. That's why we've got some great deals on equipment. Check out our Screamin' Deal page or the dive shop for the latest package deals.

Or check this out:

We're giving away FREE STUFF. Buy any regulator/console combo and/or BCD and receive FREE BAGS AND ACCESSORIES (Knives, dive lights, clips, wetsuits, cameras, etc.) worth up to 25% of the purchase price (some restrictions apply).

* Not valid with any other offer. Excludes Nexgen drysuits.
**Does not include internet sales